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Two-Ingredient Nutella Hot Chocolate (Naturally Gluten-Free)

nutella hot chocolate 2

Happy World Nutella Day! This recipe requiring only two ingredients is a terrific way to celebrate, even if you’re only just finding out about the, umm, holiday now. Simply heat up some milk, stir in Nutella and sip away at the easiest hot chocolate you’ve ever made that didn’t come out of a packet. For added indulgence, melt in up to a tablespoon of chocolate chips or chopped up dark chocolate, and top with marshmallows. A great nightcap that the whole family can enjoy!

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Iced Miel Latte (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

iced miel

This past fall, I had an awesome opportunity to travel a bit around the midwest for a long weekend to visit friends. My first stop took me to Peoria, Illinois, where I was introduced to a cozy coffee shop downtown, Thrity-Thirty Coffee. There, I sampled several of their offerings, but I was particularly taken by their Miel Latte. Made with local honey, freshly ground cinnamon, espresso and milk, it reminded me a bit of the Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks… Only less-sweet, fresher-tasting and — as you can probably imagine — far too easy to drink one after another.

I knew I wanted to reproduce this delicious brew at home, but going out to get a few shots of espresso didn’t really make sense. And buying an espresso machine? Yeahhhh, not an option. But the perfect solution presented itself in the form of a Vietnamese coffee maker. With its seven dollar price tag and ability to produce a strong, well-balanced cup in minutes I was sold.

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The Blushing Italian 75 (aka Be My Valentine Prosecco Punch)

Blushing Prosecco Cocktail

Just because New Year’s Eve was over a month ago (how is that possible?!) doesn’t mean you should retire the punch bowl or bubbly quite yet. This fun twist on the French 75 takes Champagne Prosecco cocktails to a whole ‘nother level. Crushed raspberries provide the blushing hue, making it an especially romantic sip that’s perfect for your Valentine’s day celebration!

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Easy Peasy Margaritas

Easy Peasy Margaritas

With lime prices skyrocketing this year, it may be time to look into alternatives to the classic, lot-o-fresh-lime margarita. But if you’re not ready for a complete cocktail overhaul, this easy peasy margarita that uses a refreshing combo of sparkling limeade, tequila and Cointreau just may be the answer!

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