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The Lady and Sons’ Shrimp and Grits, at Home (Naturally Gluten-Free)

shrimp and grits

This Yankee-turned-Deep-South resident doesn’t need any convincing to eat grits in any form — classic cheese, light-and-crispy waffles, salumi-stuffed arancini? I’m there. But shrimp, well, that’s another story. That is, until I met this version of shrimp and grits inspired by a friend’s visit to The Lady and Sons. Swimming in a creamy pool of highly-seasoned sauce studded with a generous amount of spicy, smokey tasso ham, all served over intensely cheesy grits, it’s nothing short of indulgent. Be prepared to fall in love at first bite.

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Trader Joe’s Fish-n-Chips (Gluten-free!)

Trader Joe's Fish-n-Chips (Gluten-free)

March is Frozen Food Month, so what better way to kick things off than with a meal straight from the freezer section? For years, battered and fried was the only way I enjoyed fish — whether from a favorite restaurant by the Connecticut shore or our favorite yellow raincoat-clad fisherman.

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Grown Up and Gluten-free “Tuna Snacks”

Grown up, gluten-free tuna snack

As a kid, one of the go-to lunches for this [former] sandwich hater was a pre-packaged tuna and crackers kit. Avoiding gluten meant bidding farewell to the grab-and-go “tuna snacks” — as my family often called them — but it opened up a world of better-tasting and more sustainably caught canned tuna and an ever-expanding cracker variety (what’s up with the measly six crackers or so in the kits anyway?).

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The Brixton’s Demon Eggs, at home

The Brixton's Demon Eggs, at home (Gluten-free)

If you find yourself wandering along Union Street in San Francisco in search of a bite to eat in an elegant-yet-casual setting with a touch of rock-n-roll flair (no, not this kind of flair), check out The Brixton. My parents and I ended up there after perusing The Renegade Craft Fair (so much fun, I highly recommend attending!), and I was all ready to go with my typical brunch order of potatoes and eggs when I spotted the Demon Eggs on the menu:

Cage-free eggs plumped with yolk, aioli, Dijon, shallots, celery, chives, and topped with fresh Dungeness crab, and bacon bits. Finished with chives.

How could I resist? The combination of flavors and textures is divine . . . or should I say devilish? Lemon, celery and shallot lend that classic seafood seasoning flavor, enhancing the crab, and the crisp bacon adds just a touch of smokey punch and crunch. So good.

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Seared Tuna Niçoise Salad

seared tuna niçoise salad

As far as all of the salads I’ve made in my life go, the Niçoise may be the most preparation-heavy; trust that it won’t be time wasted. With each pot placed on the stovetop, the anticipation of what’s to come inspires — the vision of a beautiful, balanced and thoughtfully assembled salad featuring the height of the season’s produce is a terrifically powerful thing.

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