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Winter Squash Carbonara With Pancetta and Sage (Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Friendly)

winter squash carbonara

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a bit of an extra nudge to eat more veggies. Roasting them to coax out their natural sweetness is defnitely my usual approach, but you can’t beat it when they masquerade as something even more luscious. A tall order? Sure. But boy does this winter squash carbonara ever achieve it… and well.

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Quick-n-Easy Stovetop Mac and Cheese, from scratch

Quick-n-Easy Stovetop Mac and Cheese (Gluten-free)

It’s confession time: As much as I enjoy homemade, baked macaroni and cheese, Annie’s shells and cheddar holds special place in my heart. I was quite pleased to discover during our kitchen renovation that this childhood favorite — the blue box never graced our pantry growing up — is now available in a gluten-free version!

I feel like everyone has their own way to doctor up boxed mac and cheese, but my secret to a better experience doesn’t require any additional ingredients, it’s quite simple really: use only about two thirds of the pasta. But what to do with the resulting stockpile of leftover, uncooked shells? That’s where this recipe comes in.

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Vegetable Lo Mein

vegetable lo mein (gluten-free)

For years and years, my Chinese takeout orders centered around egg drop soup, potstickers or egg rolls, lemon chicken, Szechuan string beans and my first noodle love, lo mein. (And let’s not forget the complimentary baggies or dishes of fried wonton strips with packets of duck sauce for dipping, two things that seem to be a uniquely East Coast Chinese restaurant treat.) Over the years, I’ve successfully knocked out a few homemade versions of the items in that list (as you can see if you click on the links), but lo mein continually escaped me. It’s not because it’s a terribly involved dish to make — au contraire, it’s done in about fifteen minutes start to finish and utilizes store-bought gluten-free linguine — but I just couldn’t get the flavors quite right, there’s clearly more to it than just soy sauce-drenched noodles.

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Pasta Bravo!

pasta bravo!

While you likely won’t find me making piperade for another batch of confit biyaldi anytime soon, for this pasta it’s so worth the effort. Even better, once it’s made you can have a quick, hearty, piquant pasta on the table in fewer than thirty minutes. It’s also a great way to use up leftover, roasted chicken — a store-bought rotisserie chicken can be used instead — which is awesome for my two-person household as my threshold for its consumption plain is terribly low. As for the name, it’s inspired by my favorite pasta from Bravo! — I dined there a handful of times during my brief stay in the Cleveland area — the creamy roasted pepper sauce was (and is) a unique, welcome divergence from the typical Alfredo or tomato sauce.

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