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Texas-Style Beef Chili (Gluten-Free Friendly)

texas-style chili

Oh, Texas. I’m so sorry I didn’t buy into your bean- and tomato-free chili game sooner. You know what you’re doing, and it’s just the thing we could use to take the edge off a blustery evening. I guess that’s to be expected when five types of peppers are involved, but please don’t let that number scare away any spice-averse folks — the heat level is easily customizable.

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Pappa Al Pomodoro

Pappa Al Pomodoro (Gluten-free)

This recipe for pappa al pomodoro is a great dinner idea to keep in mind during the chilly, activity-packed months ahead. Relying primarily on pantry and fridge staples — canned tomatoes, chicken stock (or vegetable for a vegetarian version) , carrots, onions, garlic, etc. — and store bought gluten-free bread, this hearty soup comes together quickly with little advance planning and has the added benefit of being chockfull of veggies! For a subtle variation, feel free to use garlic confit-infused oil wherever olive oil is called for — it’s an especially nice touch when used for the basil croutons.

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Spicy Broccoli Rabe and Noodle Soup (aka Clean-out-the-Pantry Soup)

spicy broccoli rabe and noodle soup (aka clean-out-the-pantry soup) — chopsticks optional, but highly recommended

Oh boy, it’s been a while. This post’s title hints at some of the goings-on in the past month — I’ve moved! (Oh yeah … David and Sirius came along, too.) Well, we’re finally just about settled into the new place and are enjoying everything about it, 85-year-old building quirks and all.

In an effort to move as little food as possible, the past few months have been dedicated to clearing out the pantry (and fridge). In other words, it’s been pretty straightforward in the kitchen of late — I haven’t created many new recipes, but it’s been fun hitting up the classics. There have been a few standout dishes, though, this soup being one of them. Needing only a handful of ingredients (ok, two handfuls) and minimal prep, it’s ideal for when you need a very quick, healthy and homey light meal for two. When everything was in transition and boxes were the closest thing around to a table, I welcomed that last part most.

Stay tuned — things are going to get a lot more interesting around here!

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