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Jalapeño Poppers With Smoked Pimento Cheese and Country Ham (Gluten-Free Friendly)

Jalapeño Poppers With Smoked Pimento Cheese and Country Ham

A staple of many a tailgating gathering, jalapeño poppers are pretty much as ubiquitous as queso this time of year. A bad thing? Not in the least. These bites are sure to shake up the usual equation, injecting some irresistible Southern flair into your festivities in practically no time at all.

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P.F. Chang’s-inspired Chicken Endive Wraps (Gluten-Free)

P.F. Chang's-inspired Chicken Endive Wraps

The next time you’re craving P.F. Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps, skip the restaurant run and whip up this crowd-pleasing recipe instead! Served in endive boats in lieu of iceberg lettuce leaves, you get a nice nutrient boost as well as an elegant, bite-size presentation. Whether you choose to enjoy them as an appetizer or main course, they’re sure to be a hit!

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Protein- and Animal-style Burger Bites: Think Outside the Lettuce Wrap, Part 1

Protein- and Animal-style Burger Bites

When a six-pound box filled with Belgian endive from California Endive arrived on my doorstep — a thoughtful, unexpected thank you for a recent Brit + Co. post I wrote — my first thought was, “that’s a whole lot of endive.” Not to worry, though, there are countless ways to use it!

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Pork Tamales with a Not-So-Secret Secret Ingredient

tamales: all wrapped up and tied with a bow

My good friend Jennie and I have decided to come clean, and reveal our secret pork tamale ingredient at last. What is it? Well, we’ll get to that.

As it happened, the first time we made tamales together — aka the first time either of us had attempted tamales, period — I forgot to pick up lard at La Palma Mexicatessen (an awesome place recommended to me by Vijay from NoshOnIt). Determined not to enter another store, I scrounged through my cabinets and fridge and found a solution: the jar of bacon grease I keep in the freezer and a tub of non-hydrogenated shortening. Traditional? Nope. A great substitution? You bet!

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Score! 7 game changing gluten-free appetizer recipes for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Appetizers

Whether you’re tuning into the Super Bowl for the game or simply popping in for the commercials, a spread of appetizers is pretty much a requirement. Making any of these 7 small bites will surely score you a few points with your family and friends! Need more inspiration? Check out the entire appetizer collection here!

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