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Texas-Style Beef Chili (Gluten-Free Friendly)

texas-style chili

Oh, Texas. I’m so sorry I didn’t buy into your bean- and tomato-free chili game sooner. You know what you’re doing, and it’s just the thing we could use to take the edge off a blustery evening. I guess that’s to be expected when five types of peppers are involved, but please don’t let that number scare away any spice-averse folks — the heat level is easily customizable.

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Protein- and Animal-style Burger Bites: Think Outside the Lettuce Wrap, Part 1

Protein- and Animal-style Burger Bites

When a six-pound box filled with Belgian endive from California Endive arrived on my doorstep — a thoughtful, unexpected thank you for a recent Brit + Co. post I wrote — my first thought was, “that’s a whole lot of endive.” Not to worry, though, there are countless ways to use it!

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