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The Lady and Sons’ Shrimp and Grits, at Home (Naturally Gluten-Free)

shrimp and grits

This Yankee-turned-Deep-South resident doesn’t need any convincing to eat grits in any form — classic cheese, light-and-crispy waffles, salumi-stuffed arancini? I’m there. But shrimp, well, that’s another story. That is, until I met this version of shrimp and grits inspired by a friend’s visit to The Lady and Sons. Swimming in a creamy pool of highly-seasoned sauce studded with a generous amount of spicy, smokey tasso ham, all served over intensely cheesy grits, it’s nothing short of indulgent. Be prepared to fall in love at first bite.

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The Antipasti-Meets-Green-Salad Salad

the antipasti-meets-green-salad salad

As a kid, I knew mom was making this salad when her order at the West Side Market deli counter contained small amounts of pepperoni, dry salami and ham. Once the salad was assembled, the slices would be carefully rolled and slipped down the outside edges of a clear glass serving bowl, alternating each slice of meat to create a mouthwatering pattern. (I think it’s safe to say my lifelong love of salumi can be traced back to this antipasti-meets-green-salad salad.)

Since this was one of those dishes usually reserved for family get togethers, what else went into the bowl depended on who was coming to dinner. Celery was added for Grandpa Doyle, raw sliced mushrooms (aka mad dogs, really not sure where that came from) were left off and served on the side for Aunt Kathy, and a bowl of whole black olives was included for me (I’m pretty sure more olives ended up on my finger tips than in my salad bowl — either way, their eventual destination was my mouth, of course).

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Au Gratin Potatoes

au gratin potatoes

Before I really knew David, I was well aware of his dad’s (Bill) cooking skills. See, my best guy friend from college, Chris, is best friends with David’s younger brother, Jonathan. Chris and I bonded on many levels, but our love of good food was definitely the most enjoyable subject for both of us. He always spoke enthusiastically of his meals at the Sage’s.

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Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Pesto

prosciutto-wrapped chicken stuffed with pesto

So you whipped up some homemade pesto, now what? Well, you can pack it into a cute Weck jar, wrap it up with bakery twine and gift it. Or you can use it to make pesto-stuffed, prosciutto-wrapped chicken. Just this once I’m going to recommend being stingy.

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homemade pesto

Do you have a garden brimming with basil? If so, lucky you! (Also, nice work — what else are you growing? I miss my container garden, can you tell?) Even if you don’t, a bunch of the herb won’t cost you more than a few bucks at the market — and then you can easily whip together your very own homemade pesto free of the huh?-why?-inducing ingredients that some of the jarred varieties include. (Potatoes, Trader Joe’s? Really? REALLY? I get tossing pesto with boiled potatoes, but as an ingredients in the pesto itself? Does.Not.Compute.) I’ve tried over and over to come up with a recipe that avoids both nuts and cheese, but it ends up being too pungent for my delicate sensibilities (hah!). But really, the two together add a nice balance, considerably mellowing the anise tones of the basil and garlic’s spiciness. Plus, they do a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for the texture.

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